Wanfu Hot Spring Area of 

               LingYang Town, Cili            

               Country Town, Zhangjiajie,   

               Hunan, China


Zhangjiajie Mytex Garment 

Manufacturing Plant


Zhangjiajie Mytex Garment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. with Hong Kong headquarters has been set up since 1980s. In the earlier period, the factory located at ChaoShan in Guangdong and it mainly manufactured apparel. With the expansion of production lines and the movement of labour force from other provinces, the company decided to form a new factory at Zhangjiajie in Hunan for our main production station. In June 2002, the company spent approximate one- year time on building premises, purchasing equipments and facilitating accommodation for staff. On April 12, 2003, Zhangjiajie Mytex Garment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was set up successfully; with lots of support from the provincial government.


Locating factory at Zhangjiajie not only lowers the production cost but also settles the problem of unstable recruitment. In order to satisfy the consumptions of the customers, the operation has been computerized to enhance the competitiveness in the market. The company self-financed RMB ten million dollars to expand the garden style of the modern factory. As the factory locates in front of the 1801 Provincial Highways of CiLi County in Zhangjiajie, it brings an advantage of high accessibility and good transportation for shipment. Moreover, the factory occupies around 18 acre, with coverage of 12,000 square metres. There are 600 sets of professional equipment and 700 staff in total, in which 80 staff members are technical veterans and senior executives. The monthly and annual production outputs are 250,000 and 3,000,000 pieces respectively.


The company has its own import and export rights and it is one of the largest garment factories in Hunan. There is large variety range of products such as trendy fashion, sports wear and jeans which are exported to different markets like Europe, Middle and South America.

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Kwun Tong,

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